Prosecutor’s Office

Attorney Cayla K. Slaughter, Esq. is the Prosecutor for the Campton Police Department. The Campton Police Department also provides prosecution services through inter-governmental agreements to the Lincoln, Woodstock, and Waterville Valley Police Departments.

To speak with a prosecutor call
(603) 726-8874
Monday thru Friday
8:30AM – 4:30PM

Court Related FAQ

  • Q –  Where is the court?
    • A – The Towns of Campton, Lincoln, Woodstock, and Waterville Valley are in the Plymouth District. The courthouse is located at 26 Green Street, Plymouth, NH. The phone number to the court is 1-855-212-1234.
  • Q – What happens the first time I go to court?
    • A – If you (or an acquaintance) has been ordered to appear to court, you have been most likely given a date and the time of 8:30 am to appear. That is for an arraignment. At arraignment, you will appear in front of the judge and enter a plea of “guilty” or “not guilty”. You will be given time prior to seeing the judge to speak with the Prosecutor regarding the fine or sentence recommendations. If you plead “guilty”, the court will expect you to pay the fine while you are there. If you want to plead guilty but do not have the money, the court will give you a date to return for a sentencing hearing. If you plead “not guilty”, the judge will tell you what date and time to come back for trial. If you have been charged with a crime that could result in imprisonment and you cannot afford an attorney, you will be offered an application to acquire a court-appointed lawyer. Bail will also be discussed at this point.
  • Q – I have been subpoenaed. What does that mean?
    • A – If you have been served with a document entitled “Subpoena”, that means you are ordered to appear at the court designated on the subpoena at a certain date and time. Subpoenas are usually served to witnesses of crimes before the trial date. It is strongly recommended that you review the document thoroughly and contact the agency that sent it to you if you have any questions. Failure to honor a subpoena is a crime and may result in a fine and/or imprisonment.

Cayla K. Slaughter, Esq.
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